Peters: Michigan Hospitals Commit to Advancing Person- and Family-centered Care

Posted on April 05, 2017

“If patient engagement were a drug, it would be the blockbuster drug of the century and malpractice not to use it.” 

These are the words of Leonard Kish, an information technology strategy consultant, when discussing effective engagement of patients as the standard of care in his 2012 article.

Michigan hospitals have long been leaders in improving patient safety and quality. The MHA Keystone Center is committed to improving care through meaningful partnerships with patients and families. Despite coming a long way, there is still a lot of work to be done to change the culture and behavior in healthcare that sees patients and families as essential allies in improving quality and safety of healthcare. It’s about putting people at the center of care. This is exactly what the MHA Keystone Center is working with Michigan hospitals to do.

As we continue the work of seeking a world where safe care is provided in partnership with patients, families and caregivers, the MHA Keystone Center is committed to helping advance person- and family-centered care in Michigan. It is through the principles and practices of person- and family-centered care that we create a culture and environment where patients, families and healthcare professionals are coming together, valuing the person, recognizing the individual’s right to self-determination, and working to develop mutual understanding and respect. These trusting partnerships extend throughout care planning, development, monitoring of healthcare services and needs.

In 2017, we will continue the work of ensuring all Michigan hospitals are striving to implement the 12 person- and family-centered care practices outlined in the MHA Keystone Center Person and Family Engagement Road Map. The road map covers strategies and interventions at the bedside, in the boardroom and in the community. To get there, patients and families must have a seat at the table to develop strategic goals that align with what matters the most: the person. Thus, priority number one, as set by the MHA Board of Trustees for the 2016-2017 program year, is to ensure all hospitals in the state of Michigan have an active Patient and Family Engagement Council/Committee and/or are consistently partnering with patient advisors on patient safety or quality improvement committees or teams. We want to recognize the Michigan hospitals that have committed to this goal and have achieved meaningful partnerships with patients and families at their organization. For those looking to make this commitment, the MHA Keystone Center is here to partner with your organization to achieve this goal. To learn more about resources and training opportunities, please contact Ewa Panetta at the MHA Keystone Center. 



  • Peters: Michigan Hospitals Commit to Advancing Person- and Family-centered Care

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