MHA Monday Report April 5, 2021

Posted on April 05, 2021

Combating the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Week of March 29

The MHA continues to keep members apprised of pandemic-related developments affecting hospitals through email updates and the MHA Coronavirus webpage. ...

Expert to Provide Strategies on Mitigating Healthcare Workplace Violence

The MHA Workplace Safety Collaborative is hosting a webinar April 27 to discuss strategies for managing violence directed toward healthcare workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Ken Smith, CHSP, CIE, CHCM, healthcare safety specialist at Healthcare Safety ...

Governance Leadership Required in Unpredictable Times

During these unprecedented, unpredictable times, governing boards at healthcare organizations are wondering what steps they should take now to prepare for the future. They are evaluating how they can best serve their organizations and communities through crisis to ...

COVID-19 Pandemic Leadership Strategies Outlined in Webinars

The MHA is launching a webinar series on leadership approaches to assist with post-pandemic strategic planning. The series is offered June through August and focuses on technology, diversity and inclusion, supply chain, resilience ...

Headline Roundup: Week of March 29 for COVID-19 in Michigan

As Michigan hospitals face a third surge of COVID-19 patients, the MHA has been actively fielding and responding to media requests related to the increase in infections and hospitalizations over the past week. ...

The Keckley Report

The Anomaly (or not) of Eroding Hospital Finances Through the Pandemic

“Last week, three reports about hospital finances during the pandemic were released ...

“Taken together, one might conclude that hospitals have weathered the storm relatively well by managing costs as volume fluctuated during the pandemic. … While understandable, it’s an incomplete assessment.”

Paul Keckley. March 29, 2021


  • MHA Monday Report April 5, 2021

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