2021-2022 Legislative Session Begins

Posted on January 14, 2021

Michigan Capitol BuildingThe 2021-2022 legislative session kicked off during the week of Jan. 11 with new legislators being sworn in and a handful of Senate Bills (SB) being reintroduced from last session. Notable legislation that was reintroduced included bills to give the legislature the power to veto emergency orders from state departments, and a bill to remove cardiac catheterization services from Certificate of Need (CON).

SB 1, introduced by Senator Lana Theis (R - Brighton Twp), would implement an initial 28-day time limit on emergency orders issued by state departments and would require a vote by both chambers of the state legislature to continue the emergency order. Identical language was introduced last session by Senator Theis as SB 1253, which was passed by the legislature during lame duck but vetoed by the Governor. The MHA opposed the policy in SB 1253 of 2020 and will continue to oppose SB 1 this session.

The CON package that saw legislative action last session was ultimately vetoed by the Governor as well, but could be brought back up in discussion this year. One of the bills that never made it out of committee, SB 675, would have removed certain cardiac catheterization services that were approved for the outpatient setting by CMS from CON oversight. Senator Dale Zorn (R – Raisinville Twp) has reintroduced the bill this session as SB 12, but there are no accompanying bills yet. MHA opposes SB 12 and will continue to watch for other introductions.

Members with questions should reach out to Adam Carlson at the MHA.


  • 2021-2022 Legislative Session Begins

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