Celebrating Member Commitment to Addressing Racism and Health Inequities

Posted on January 14, 2021

Pledge to Address Racism and Health InequitiesNearly 100 hospitals and health systems have signed the MHA Pledge to Address Racism and Health Inequities since it was released in November 2020. The MHA acknowledges the importance of this unified commitment and honors the organizations that have signed the pledge on its Health Disparities webpage.

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the longstanding health disparities our communities face. While efforts to advance health equity are not new for most health systems, the pledge acts as a deliberate approach to delivering equitable care for all Michiganders. By asking chief executive officers of MHA-member hospitals and health systems to sign the pledge, members are ensuring that addressing systemic racism and health disparities is a leadership-driven priority.

The organizations that sign the pledge recognize the impact of racism on health, and that healthcare systems have a moral obligation to equalize care – first by identifying and addressing any racism that may exist within their organization. The MHA and MHA Keystone Center are equipped to assist with these efforts. The MHA Keystone Center’s guide, Eliminating Disparities to Advance Health Equity and Improve Quality, provides practical information on assessing each organization’s level of implementation within key categories to reduce disparities, and delivers recommendations for action.

An online video further explains the pledge and the association’s health equity efforts. A copy of the pledge is available on the MHA Health Disparities webpage. To officially sign the pledge, contact the MHA Keystone Center.


  • Celebrating Member Commitment to Addressing Racism and Health Inequities

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