Healthcare Bills Continue to Move Through Legislature

Posted on September 24, 2020

Michigan Capitol BuildingThe Michigan Legislature continued its work on many important policy issues for Michigan hospitals during the week of Sept. 21. Legislation that saw action included the package of Certificate of Need (CON) bills, a package on prescription drug transparency, COVID-19-related liability legislation, a bill to make several changes to prior authorization, legislation to expand mental health scope of practice for certain providers and several other behavioral health bills.

Members of the House Health Policy Committee voted to report the drug transparency and CON packages to the House Ways and Means Committee. The MHA supports Senate Bills (SBs) 669, 671 and 674 in the CON package, which would raise the covered capital expenditure threshold and add members to the commission. The association did not take a position on the other CON bills that were passed by the Senate earlier this year. On the transparency package, the MHA has taken a position on only House Bill (HB) 5942, which would protect price savings for hospitals that participate in the 340B drug discount program.

In the Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee, votes were taken on the prior authorization legislation and a bill to create a new license for inpatient psychiatric crisis stabilization units, both of which the MHA supports. The committee also voted on several behavioral health bills on which the MHA has not taken a position that include bills to standardize the credentialing for community mental health services across the state and require the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to report patient deaths that occur within 48 hours of discharge from a psychiatric hospital or unit. Those bills were reported to the Senate floor, where they await a full vote from members.

On the House floor, members voted in favor of the COVID-19-related liability legislation that would provide limited immunity to health facilities and other employers for work during the peak months of the pandemic. HB 6159, introduced by Rep. Roger Hauck (R-Union Township), provides the language specific to health facilities, while HBs 6030, 6031 and 6032 would provide more limited immunity to all employers. The MHA supports both efforts and will continue to work with the Senate and the Whitmer administration to enact the bills.

Members with questions on healthcare bills before the Michigan Legislature should contact Adam Carlson at the MHA.



  • Healthcare Bills Continue to Move Through Legislature

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