Hospital Spotlight: Bronson LakeView Shines a Light on Readmissions

Posted on March 05, 2020

During the first quarter of 2018, data analysis conducted within Bronson LakeView Hospital showed that they had experienced an increase in readmissions from 10.42% to 13.3%. Even though readmission rates were below the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) national readmission average of 15.3%, they increased their focus and attention on developing interventions to help decrease readmissions.  Their goal was to reduce readmissions rates to 10%or below by the end of 2019.

Hospital SpotlightBronson LakeView Hospital knew that to create the change, they would need to improve the discharge process and decrease patient barriers that prevent access to healthcare services after discharge. The team started by assembling a multidisciplinary team in late 2018 to review readmissions cases and explore opportunities for improvement.

Care coordinators and nurses began helping patients by scheduling seven-day follow-up appointments and facilitating free rides for patients with transportation barriers before discharge. Special focus was  on educating  patients and caretakers before discharge with intervention efforts throughout their hospital stay to help them learn to manage common medical conditions that, when unmanaged, can generate readmission. Advance care planning notes were developed to improve team communication and assist in navigating the record of patients with chronic diseases.

The preparation done at the end of 2018 served the hospital well in executing their readmissions goals for the following year. To reduce complications and improve care in early 2019, all medical patients began receiving blood glucose screenings upon admission to the hospital and throughout their hospital stay. Renewed interventions by nurses and providers focused on education and providing alternatives for smokers to encourage them to quit or decrease smoking. A bi-weekly review of readmissions was performed by case managers to help find opportunities for improvement of care. Quarterly audits helped track reasons for patients discharged without a follow-up appointment.

Readmissions rates dropped from an average of 13.3% to 7.1% from 2018 to 2019. Bronson LakeView Hospital’s readmissions improvement required multicomponent strategies and synchronization amongst multidisciplinary inpatient and ambulatory care staff. Because of this, they were able to recognize patients with a greater likelihood of readmission and administer the correct resources and services. They have remained committed to improving services by increasing patient education, improving the management of medical conditions and building community partnerships to help enhance access to care. Bronson LakeView Hospital is excited to pursue similar upcoming initiatives to standardize care via emergency medical record order sets and expansion of telehealth services.


  • Hospital Spotlight: Bronson LakeView Shines a Light on Readmissions

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