Events Discuss Healthcare Innovation, Provide Framework for Improvement

Posted on September 06, 2019

The MHA Keystone Center, in partnership with the Great Lakes Partners for Patients Hospital Improvement Innovation Network, recently hosted two interactive events in Livonia that focused on a healthcare innovation initiative launched by the Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA).

Several years ago, the IHA developed a concept to spread high-impact, quality improvement work. As part of that effort, the IHA worked with three Partners in Progress Award winners to spread their evidence-based practices to other hospitals statewide. Various successes and barriers were documented during the implementation process, which led to the development of Implementation Playbooks. The goal of these documents is to share information and spread innovations to ultimately replicate harm reduction and cost savings programs in more hospitals.

The Spreading Success to Reduce Emergency Department (ED) Recidivism and Hospital Readmissions event was held July 30. Nearly 30 attendees from 18 hospitals discussed an effort by Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital that delivered substantial reductions in readmissions, ED recidivism and unnecessary admissions. Participants also reviewed the related playbook and discussed ways to begin process change based on goals set during the event and garner leadership buy-in for the improvement work.

The Spreading Success to Reduce Clostridioides difficile (C. diff) event was held Aug. 28. The event drew 29 MHA-members from across Michigan and discussed an initiative launched by Springfield, IL-based HSHS St. John’s Hospital that significantly reduced hospital-acquired C. diff infections. Participants reviewed the Road to C. difficile Reduction Playbook and took a deep dive into how HSHS St. John’s Hospital drastically decreased its C. diff infection rates.

Chicago-based strategy design firm, Do Tank, facilitated both events and discussed how the innovations have led to increased patient satisfaction, reduced harm and lower healthcare costs.

The events allowed MHA-members to network, brainstorm and engage with peers. Members also mapped out a strategy and overall workflow roadmap to implement improvement strategies within their facility and garner leadership buy-in for the improvement work.

Members with questions should contact the MHA Keystone Center.

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