MHA on Senate Bill 1, the Latest Effort to Reform Auto No-fault: “Accident victims lose, drivers lose and healthcare providers lose.”

Posted on May 07, 2019

The following statement can be attributed to Brian Peters, CEO of the Michigan Health & Hospital Association.     

Brian PetersWe were optimistic about the Michigan Senate’s renewed efforts to tackle auto no-fault reform this year. Unfortunately, Senate Bill 1 is a shocking step backwards. Instead of holding insurers accountable for discriminatory rate setting and lowering rates, Senate Bill 1 limits coverage and asks drivers to simply trust the insurance companies. Accident victims lose, drivers lose and healthcare providers lose. Testimony today included mention of consumer choice. Yet under this bill, consumers would have little choice but to hope they avoid an accident, and hope their insurance company slashes their premiums – because the amounts of coverage Senate Bill 1 offers would do little to cover a catastrophic injury.

For years, the MHA has been a willing participant in auto no-fault reform discussions in Lansing, and once again this session, we have advanced meaningful reform ideas with lawmakers. Each time we engage in this discussion, we are hopeful that there will finally be a solution that delivers meaningful, long-term rate relief to Michigan drivers, while protecting access to the services necessary for those seriously injured in auto accidents. Senate Bill 1 does nothing of the sort.

When it comes to reforming Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance, our mission is to advance the health of individuals and communities and our first priority is to make sure accident victims get the care they need 24/7 and that they can recover with their dignity intact. This proposal is an unacceptable threat to this mission, and we are encouraging anyone and everyone to contact their senator and urge them to vote no on Senate Bill 1.


  • MHA on Senate Bill 1, the Latest Effort to Reform Auto No-fault: “Accident victims lose, drivers lose and healthcare providers lose.”

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