Comments Due Oct. 5 on Revised Licensure Rules for Hospitals, Other Health Facilities

Posted on September 25, 2018

The Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Bureau of Community and Health Systems performs state licensing and federal certification regulatory duties for hospitals and other health facilities, as required by state and federal law. LARA initiated a plan to modernize the administrative rules for licensing health facilities and agencies by developing a single, streamlined rule set in May of 2017. The MHA, as well as some individual hospitals, participated in several work group meetings over the past year and a half to review the rules for hospitals and freestanding surgical outpatient facilities.

The MHA’s input stressed that any revisions need to be consistent with current federal requirements and practice standards, avoid duplication and directly relate to the bureau’s statutory authority, be clear, and be written in such a way as to accommodate the use of midlevel and other nonphysician providers where allowed by law. The current Minimum Standards for Hospitals were the most outdated of the rules and the new draft has significantly updated the requirements, as well as the regulations for Freestanding Surgical Outpatient facilities.

The bureau shared its fifth draft rewrite Sept. 21 and is asking for stakeholder comments as soon as possible before sending the draft through the formal rulemaking process. Comments on the draft should be sent directly to Karen Krzanowski at LARA by Oct. 5, with Paige Fults included on the email communication. Members with questions should contact Amy Barkholz at the MHA.  

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