MHA Keystone Center to Launch Opioid Safety Initiative

Posted on August 24, 2018

Fighting the Opioid EpidemicThe MHA Keystone Center, as part of the Great Lakes Partners for Patients Hospital Improvement Innovation Network, will launch a three-state opioid safety initiative for emergency department (ED) teams.

The project will replicate the Alternative to Opioids (ALTO) program, which was initially launched by the Colorado Hospital Association and reduced opioid use in 10 Colorado hospitals by 36 percent over six months. This program champions a multimodal approach to pain, introduces new medications and procedures available to clinicians to treat pain, and provides detailed guidance for the use of ALTOs for treatment of common pain conditions. It also aims to improve care coordination across various departments, from administrators to physicians to pharmacists, and introduce new policies and procedures for non-opioid options.

The MHA Keystone Center will host a half-day launch meeting Sept. 11 at MHA headquarters, Okemos. ED teams who are interested in participating should contact Brittany Bogan at the MHA.

Information about initiative expectations and recommended team composition is available online.


  • MHA Keystone Center to Launch Opioid Safety Initiative

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Posted in: Patient Safety and Quality

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