Unifying Hospitals' Political Voice

In today’s political environment, there are more new legislators due to term limits, fewer legislators with in-depth knowledge about healthcare issues, more legislative proposals that directly and dramatically impact hospitals, and more aggressive interest groups competing for limited resources.The MHA Health Political Action Committee's (Health PAC) mission is to promote and protect access to quality healthcare throughout the state by supporting state and federal candidates who are supportive of Michigan's hospitals and healthcare systems.

Health PAC supports hospital and healthcare-friendly candidates for office and helps inform legislators about crucial healthcare issues. Health PAC's mission is carried out through the collective voice of individuals within the healthcare field who participate in the annual fundraising campaign. 

For more information about Health PAC, contact Stacy Dowdy at the MHA online or by calling (517) 703-8601. Click below to access our online contribution form:

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MHA Health PAC Board

Health PAC is governed by its bylaws and the MHA Health PAC board, which approves all fundraising activities and expenditures, campaign strategies and more. The 2021-2022 program year Health PAC board includes:

Anthony Denton, University of Michigan Health System (Health PAC Board Chair)

Daniel Babcock, Marlette Regional Hospital

Tina Freese Decker, Spectrum Health

Edwin Ness, Munson Healthcare

Brian Peters, MHA

American Hospital Association Political Action Committee (AHAPAC)

MHA 100 Year Anniversary

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