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MHA 100 Year Anniversary Sponsorship Program

In 2019, the MHA will celebrate 100 years of leadership, advocacy, education, communication, and quality and safety improvement with our members, partners and communities. As part of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, the MHA is offering an exclusive opportunity to organizations seeking to increase their visibility and status with Michigan’s leading healthcare decisionmakers through the MHA 100 Year Anniversary sponsorship program.

2018-2019 MHA Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising Program

670+ Attendees at 2017-18 MHA Major Membership Meetings. 85% of Attendees Were CEOs or Senior Administrators. New in 2019, a limited number of online advertisement opportunities are available. Review the 2019 Web Advertising Brochure to learn more.

The MHA Corporate Sponsorship program runs on the MHA program year, July 1 through June 30. The 2018-2019 MHA Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising Brochure provides information on advertising and sponsoring at MHA's Major Membership Meetings. The MHA sponsorship program gives you:

  • An opportunity to foster positive relationships with new and current customers
  • The ability to attend content-rich conferences designed to enhance your understanding of the latest business models, technological innovations and trends
  • A chance to connect with providers and gain valuable insight into Michigan’s healthcare community
  • The opportunity to capitalize on a prospect-rich launch environment for new products and services

Cover of Exhibitor Guide brochureExhibit at MHA Keystone Center Events

MHA Keystone Center events focus on exploring new and innovative ways to prevent harm, reduce costs, and improve patient safety and quality. Exhibiting at the 2018 MHA Keystone Center events offers face-to-face interaction, networking and relationship building with more than 600 physician, nurse, and quality and safety leaders annually.

Exhibitor Packet

Policies and Conditions of Exhibiting

How Does the MHA Promote Sponsors?

Check out recaps of recent events below to see the many ways in which the MHA features and networks with meeting sponsors: 

For more information about sponsorship and advertising:


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MHA 100 Year Anniversary

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