Event Overview

Root Cause Analysis & Action (RCA²) workshops are tailored to healthcare professionals who wish to increase their knowledge of the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process.  Training sessions will be exclusively offered to MHA Keystone Center PSO members, and will assist in the implementation of sustainable systems-based improvements within their organizations. Participants will be given an introduction to RCA² elements and learn how to improve their own RCA process.

The training will be administered by Jim Bagian, MD, PE, and Joe DeRosier, PE, and is based off of the National Patient Safety Foundation’s (NPSF) RCA²: Improving Root Cause Analyses and Actions to Prevent Harm guidelines. 

Questions regarding the training or registration should be directed to the MHA Keystone Center PSO.


There is no fee for MHA Keystone Center PSO member organizations to participate in the event, though a team of at least two, maximum five, individuals are required from each participating organization.

Please note: This event may be photographed or videotaped. Your attendance will indicate your consent for the use of such photographs and video for educational and/or promotional purposes.


Prior to attending the RCA² training, hospitals will be required to submit the following information to the MHA Keystone Center PSO:

  • At least two completed RCAs, each no more than one year old, via NextPlane
  • The organization's most recent culture survey data

These requirements will assist in strong implementation and sustainability of the new process.


Breakfast and lunch will be provided. 


If you have any special needs or concerns regarding program site access, dietary restrictions (vegetarian or gluten-free), or your participation in the program, contact MHA Keystone Center. Inquiring in advance will enhance our ability to respond to your individual needs.

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