MHA Safety & Quality Symposium

Providing safety and quality is not unique to one profession, one unit or one person, but requires all of us to lend expertise, be a voice and work together. Everyone has a part in caring for patients and caring for each other. Inevitably, there is resistance, with varying levels of discipline, values, and teamwork; but we are responsible for creating the systems that revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease. That is why the concepts discussed and techniques used by physicians, nurses and educators here and across the country are shared at the MHA Safety and Quality Symposium — to help us learn and innovate, to ultimately protect and serve members of our family and community. Let’s maintain the determination to continually improve safety and quality.

Information on 2020 MHA Safety and Quality Symposium to be released in 2020. Contact us for more information. 

MHA 100 Year Anniversary

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