Protecting Healthcare Funding and Access

Every year, a top priority of the MHA is working with the Legislature and various state agencies to ensure that healthcare funding is protected, and access to coverage and affordable, high-quality care is maintained. Millions of Michigan residents are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, and these public payers make up a large portion of hospital reimbursement.

Every year, the MHA works to protect funding pools designated for graduate medical education (see below), Obstetrics Stabilization, which helps keep birthing units open in at-risk communities, and Small and Rural Access, which assists with ensuring access to hospital services in Michigan's smallest communities.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Budget

Fiscal Year 2017

Fiscal Year 2016

*Upon merging with the Department of Human Services in April 2015, the Michigan Department of Community Health was renamed the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Graduate Medical Education

State funding for graduate medical education (GME) helps support and build the healthcare workforce of the future by ensuring hospitals can teach and train physicians. Medical residents care for some of Michigan's most sick and vulnerable, yet protecting GME is critical to maintaining access to care for all Michiganders. 

For details about how GME benefits Michigan's healthcare workforce, economy and community health, check out our 2016 GME infographic.

Leading Michigan to Better Health

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