Critical Access Hospital InfographicProtecting Healthcare Funding and Access

Every year, a top priority of the MHA is working with the Legislature and various state agencies to ensure that healthcare funding is protected, and access to coverage and affordable, high-quality care is maintained. Millions of Michigan residents are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, and these public payers make up a large portion of hospital reimbursement.

The MHA is committed to working with legislators and state officials throughout the budget process, particularly when it comes to two MHA board-identified funding priorities: behavioral health and small and rural hospitals. Michigan’s healthcare system is facing a true crisis when it comes to serving adults and children with behavioral health needs, including those with substance use disorders. In addition, our state’s network of small and rural hospitals, including Michigan’s 37 critical access hospitals, continues to face a unique set of financial challenges that we need to address to protect the vital safety net of services and care they provide. Learn about these hospitals and the unique challenges they face.

Critical Access Hospitals Infographic

The MHA has released a new infographic highlighting Michigan’s 37 critical access hospitals. The publication is part of the MHA’s upcoming MiRuralCareMatters campaign, which is designed to bring attention to the healthcare needs of small and rural communities throughout the state.

The infographic is available online, and MHA members may also request printed copies.

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