Financial Services Overview

Our financial services will assist your healthcare organization in operating more effectively, while offering only those services that contain economies of scale, have unique elements not available elsewhere, and/or require specialized knowledge beyond that available at most healthcare institutions.

Healthcare Loan Program (HeLP)

A combined effort of the Michigan Finance Authority and the MHA Service Corporation, the Healthcare Loan Program (HeLP) gives you tax-exempt borrowing of up to $25 million for equipment, modernization, new construction and more. HeLP spreads program costs and achieves big savings for customers, with rates near half the prime rate.


  • Lower interest rates associated with tax-exempt, public financing
  • Shared costs of issuance and administrative fees with other participating borrowers
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Each borrower is responsible only for its own loan
  • Loans available from $500,000 to $25 million
  • Individual credit pricing and approval
  • Loan amortization: up to 20 years
  • Financing for equipment and construction

Who is Eligible?
Borrowers must be private, non-profit Michigan healthcare organizations. A credit rating is not required, however, borrowers must meet the loan requirements of the credit support facility. Borrowers include hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, hospices, home health agencies, VNAs, ambulance companies, etc.

Commerce Bank Automated Payment Solutions program

The MHA partners with Commerce Bank to provide the Commerce Bank Automated Payment Solutions program, which creates process efficiencies, reduces cost, maximizes employee resources and earns revenue share on payments.

Other Finance Programs

  • Tax-Exempt Private Placement Loans
    Fixed-rate loans are available to hospitals including a number of options such as a balloon payment at the end of the loan term and individualized credit terms.
  • Taxable Financing
    Financing of projects which do not qualify for tax-exempt funding is available at rates which are lower than commercial options. There are no restrictions on use of funds with this program.
  • Tax-Exempt Bond Issues
    The Michigan Finance Authority can assist you in the development of your own independent public bond issuance.

For more information about MHASC finance and loan services, contact us.

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